We are accepting VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS and money transfer. You are able to view products in the currency of your preference. At checkout you will be debited in AED at fair exchange rates.

Our highest PCI Secure payments are handled by Amazon Payment Services via SSL.
Please contact us +971 50 427 0617 for any payment immediate processing assistance. 

Credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), Bank Transfer and Exchange Office transfers are accepted (Western Union, Money Express, etc.)


Installments enables you to settle the checkout amount in several monthly installments, with transparent fees and interest rates provided by your bank, with the approval of your card issuing bank. 

The installment option is available only if the below criteria are met:

   a. The value of purchase is ≥ minimum amount to qualify for installments.

   b. Your issuing bank provides the installment option.

1. Click on “installments” as a payment method and you are directed to the “installments” page to input card details.

2. Select the country and your card issuing bank.

3. Then you select a preferred installment plan (options include combination of payment period and interest rate).

4.You will receive a payment confirmation.

How will the payment flow?

1.When you select the installment plan and receive the payment confirmation, the full amount of the cart you purchased will be automatically blocked from the cardholder’s account (i.e. reflected in the credit card statement). 

2. Amazon Payment Services then sends your info and your request for Installments to the participating banks after 2 days to apply for the service.

3.The issuing bank converts the transaction to installments within 5-7 working days and then issues a bank statement to you with the amount of the purchased service or product. Payment will be collected from the you on installment basis. Done.

Should you have any questions, we are happy to support.

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